Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busch Greenway - Katy Trail

I couldn’t pass up an afternoon out in this beautiful fall weather.
I took the bike ride on the Katy Trail starting at Busch Greenway. 
It ‘s a beautiful ¾ mile ride from the Busch Greenway trail head 
to the Katy Trail – all paved. 
The Katy Trail is gravel and very dusty.  
I took my small, hand-held Olympus Stylus to capture a few shots.
I rode 8-10 miles - what a way to end the afternoon!


A perfect time for a quiet bike ride.

 Bluffs near an old quarry

Beautiful, abundant red berries

A peaceful trail where I encountered 
dozens and dozens of squirrels but very few humans.

The puffy clouds begged to have their picture taken, too!

There is someone on 
the trail ahead

I stopped for a while to listen to the babbling brook

Take a trail and see where it leads…

It’s time to head back home – a perfect ending to a beautiful day!

Day 71

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  1. Beautiful photos! This is my favorite time of year ... I need to get out on my bicycle and take a ride with my camera too.

    How inspiring! Thank you!!