Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seize the Day!

The server went down for the online program I needed for work this morning so I took the opportunity to head off on my bike.  
The Centennial Greenway Trailhead is where I started.  
I headed over to Creve Coeur Park and rode around the lake.  
What an awesome autumn day!! 
I used my camera phone for the pictures on the 14 mile ride.

4.5 miles to the next trail

The Missouri River – 
looking north – on the Page Avenue Extension Bridge

Made it to Creve Coeur Park/Lake – now around the lake we go!

A stop to enjoy the view

Lots of cyclists and walkers on the trail


A nice brisk wind for the sail boaters

Heading back with an open prairie view

Day 92

Autumn – the year’s last, loveliest smile!

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