Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Transitions... hospice volunteering

..........T R A N S I T I O N S..........

I have the privilege of visiting a woman who is living in the 4th year of her 9th decade.  
She is in the end stage of her life on earth.  
During our visit this week she told me, 
"They said I'm going to die, but I don't know when - nobody knows when." 
We don't know "when". 
But,  just as we anticipate and prepare for life to begin on this earth through a pregnancy -
 this end of life process is the body preparing itself for the transition out of this earthly world.  
I'm honored that she has allowed me to share of part of this time with her.

We carried on with our weekly visit and she continued telling stories of her life...
weaving the present and past to form a perfect picture of her here and now.  
 I listened raptly, hearing what she spoke and feeling what she meant.

My last question to her was, "Is there anything else you need?"

"Yes," she replied, "please bring more suitcases.  I'm ready to go home."

Yes, she's ready, she's transitioning, and I'm part of her journey.

Thank you, sweet lady.


  1. Beautiful! God's blessings upon both of you.

  2. Beautiful indeed! Thank you for sharing this story Marcy!