Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Change of View

I needed to clear my mind,
so I stepped outside with my camera.

I needed to focus.

I needed to zoom in... and zoom out.

I needed to see through different lenses.

I needed to see the changes.

I needed to see the beauty in change.

I have a milestone birthday this week but it isn't 50 years of life that has me seeing with different eyes.  I am trying to see and understand the changes that are happening in my mother's life.  
She is 91 and she is tired, tired of the long days, tired of the seasons, tired of the decisions...just plain tired. 

We are moving her to an assisted living home this week.  It's time for change.

There is beauty in change... 
I just need to change my view, my perspective... 
and see the beauty, 
her beauty.

Thank you mom, for my life, for you as my mother, as I celebrate 50 years of life... and living... and loving... and changing... 

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